The Warrior and The Dragon

I’d like to tell you a story. You’ve probably heard another version of this, but it isn’t this story.

It’s about a brave warrior and a dragon. They started out as friends long ago. But, things changed; slowly, at first. They started calling one another names. They wrestled. And then they began fighting.

This went on for years. They both became very strong — and very cunning — the older and more familiar with one another they grew. Neither ever seemed to best the other, though. In fact, it seemed that the the longer they fought, the more established and secure the dragon became. The warrior could sense this. Despite occasional “victories”,  under the layers of protective armor, the warrior had many, many scars. Some on the outside. But the most devastating ones were hidden deep beneath the skin.

Some of the scars inflicted by the dragon were on the warrior’s heart. And they still throbbed and hurt with every beat. But the warrior told NO ONE of these out of fear of ridicule or worse: complete indifference. “Why don’t you just forget about them?! Just accept them! Be yourself! Nobody cares! Just move on!”

They didn’t understand.

In an odd way, the warrior was proud of those scars. They showed resolve. Strength. Fortitude. The warrior almost …cherished… them. There were times when the familiar pain brought a form of comfort. But the warrior was tired of fighting. Something had to change.

And that’s when, in the middle of being lost in these thoughts, the warrior was startled to look up and see a growing shadow. Was it the dragon? Had it had crept up from behind? No time to think anymore! The warrior sprung into combat and began slicing left and right for goodness knows how long, until, fatigued and winded, she noticed the shadow she’d seen and had been fighting — perhaps for all these years — was her own.

Something had indeed changed. In fact, everything changed.
This is not “The End.

• ~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ • ~~~~~~~~~ •

Fighting obesity can be like trying to slay a dragon. If you’ve been wrestling with your weight for years, take a moment and breathe. Put down your sword and relax — the dragon will stay put for now while I suggest something to you that may make you laugh so hard that you’ll wet your armor:

You are the dragon.

“How long have you kept yourself overweight? Imagine what that SAME stubbornness focused on weight loss will do for you!”

You’ve been facing a mirror all along and turning the reflection into some hideous beast that doesn’t exist. Oh, I’m not saying you’re imagining being overweight. But it’s time to come to terms with your size and the numbers on the scale (or on the tags on your clothes) that, in turn, reflect it.

It’s time for a truce: Make peace with your weight.

Once you do this, you’ll find that the formidable foe you thought you had to beat back on a daily basis is, in reality, a powerful ally.

Think of this: How long have you kept yourself overweight? You’ve stubbornly held onto extra flesh, food  (and fabric to accommodate this tendency) for years. Now THAT’S “willpower,” my friend! Imagine what that SAME stubbornness about LOSING weight and MAINTAINING the weight loss will do for you.

There’s ZERO difference between the quality of (so-called) willpower it takes to lose weight or remain trim vs. keep oneself overweight; the only difference is the focus.

If you’ve stubbornly kept your weight on for years, I encourage you to drop your sword, take a good look at the reflection in the mirror, and see that your steeled resolve is one of the keys to your weight loss success. You’ve coddled and nurtured this resolve against yourself physically long enough; now it’s time to turn it to your (weight loss) advantage.

You won’t really gain anything…because you’ll still be stubborn (“persistent,” “determined,” “focused,” or whatever you might call it), but you’ll be much happier and thinner knowing that, with resolve like this, you can do far more than simply lose weight and keep it off.

Why, you might even do things that take your breath away — without having to climb a flight of stairs, or swinging a sword at your reflection.

This is not “The End,” either. This is The Beginning.

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