This is one of the best parts of being involved in such a wonderful endeavor: sharing success stories. I’ll start off with my own, and, while I’m proud of my results, there are countless others who have done equally well or better! See below!

Picture of Daniel Millen, author, and Susan Coon, editor of "The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook" showing before and after weights

Daniel Millen and wife, Susan Coon, before and after the HCG Diet

Daniel Millen and Susan Coon: 53 lbs (24 kg) and 23 lbs (10.4 kg) respectively. Total for Daniel is 70 lbs (31.7 kg) over 80 days. He and Susan have maintained their losses to date.

Picture of Daniel Millen holding 70 lbs of dog food -- the equivalent of how much weight he lost following the HCG Diet

Daniel holding 70 lbs (31.7 kg) of dog food — the weight he lost using the HCG Diet.

On just about every grocery trip, I have a ritual every time I reach the dog food aisle: I run up and down the aisle carrying these, do a few deep knee bends, and hop several times, simulating how I used to function 33% heavier! I always want to remind myself of where I came from and where I’ll never go again.

Testimonial for Daniel Millen's "The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook"

Unsolicited testimonial for "The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook" from a SimeonsProtocol.org member.

“Such a great tool for this journey… Hi, Daniel. Just got your book in the mail and I am really enjoying it!! Such a a great tool for this journey 🙂 Thank you for doing such a great job and making sense of so many questions I had. Just a great book to add to my collection of great books to read.”
Cindy, Female, | July 2012

Testimonial for Daniel Millen's "The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook"

Unsolicited testimonial for "The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook" from a SimeonsProtocol.org member.

“Daniel’s book is a real Godsend! I don’t always love looking at a computer screen, so his book is really handy and very motivating to stay on course with all the temptations out there.”
S.S., Female, Brooklyn, NY | July 2012

image grab of a testimonial for Daniel Millen's book, "The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook"

Unsolicited testimonial for "The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook" from a SimeonsProtocol.org member.

“GREAT read. Very well put together. I refer to it frequently just to keep me in the Game.”
Michael, Male, Belleville, IL | Sept 2012

Photo of before and after HCG Diet weight loss resultsUnbelievable! I was a total skeptic of this when I began, but the results speak for themselves. I’m so proud of being able to lose this weight and I’ve maintained my weight loss for over 2 years now. I feel and look healthier than ever. The book does a great job explaining the entire protocol  and how to maintain the weight loss. I simply can’t recommend this enough! Thank you, Daniel!
G.M., Male, Northport, FL, Age 58
29 lbs (13.1 kg) in 21 days

WOW! I can’t believe I have lost FIFTY lbs in just a little more than a month. I feel great, my family is complimenting me, and I still have a few days left on the diet. This is incredible! I really didn’t think I could stick to the low calorie diet. It was easier than I thought. Sometimes I was a little bored with not eating what I used to eat, but I had no problems. I felt great and would do it again. My daughter now wants to try it!
J.H., Male, Age: 52, Start Weight: 312 lbs (141.5 kg)
Lost 50 lbs (22.7 kg) in 34 days

I’ve tried “EVERY” diet since the ‘60s. [HHCG Oral Spray] is the easiest thing I ever tried to lose weight. I’ve always been thin until a couple years ago and I thought I would never lose the weight. This has been the absolute best thing I’ve ever done for weight loss, and I know now I can lose the next 20 lbs. I’m buying another bottle!
J.O., Female, Age: 61, Start Weight: 187 lbs (74.8 kg)
Lost 31 lbs (14 kg) in 40 days

I’m halfway through my third Round, and as of this morning I have lost a total of 144 lbs with 96 lbs to go to reach my overall goal (to lose 245 lbs). My Uncle calls me “The Incredible Shrinking Woman”! My Aunt also lost 25 lbs when she did a Round when
I started my second Round. When I was 385 lbs, I couldn’t walk a hundred feet without getting so winded and exhausted I thought my heart would pound right out of my chest. I’m getting stronger every day, and I’m up to walking 2.4 miles every other day. Nobody can tell me that [HHCG Oral Spray] doesn’t work! It is not only changing my life, it has saved my life, literally.

S.H., Female, Stevinson, CA
108 lbs (49 kg) in two Rounds, 144 lbs (65.3 kg) so far…

I had a body from birthing 3 children, an ever-expanding muffin top, and no hope of better genetics down the road, at 50 years of age and with a 5-foot frame, I was badly in need of a drop in not only lbs, but also inches! Liking the results I saw when a co-worker lost a significant amount of weight using hCG injections, I was motivated to search for an equivalent, yet less intrusive means to lose, and came across HHCG Oral Spray. Once I read “Pounds and Inches,” I was convinced of the scientific validity behind the protocol.
Very shortly after, I started the HHCG Protocol in September, 2009 and lost 15 lbs at the end of 23 days. Excited and amazed that it had actually WORKED, I set my sites on maintaining this loss. The 6 weeks of maintenance and beyond were even better, due to learning what foods my body would maintain best with; another 10 lbs of fat came off. Along with a bit of diligence in keeping to a particular way of eating that I have individually tailored over time, I have been able to maintain the weight loss for over two years now. My success with this has proven to me that it can continue for life.
More than anything, I feel ‘right’ in my body, feel healthier than I have felt in years, have plenty of energy and stamina, and am going forward in life again. You can get such incredible returns in such a short amount of time, and anyone can do it.
T.P., Female, Age: 50, Edmonton. AB, Canada
15 lbs (6.8 kg) in 23 days. 25 lbs (11.3 kg) cumulative

I’m on Phase 2, day 36, and couldn’t be more pleased with this program! I’m down 30 lbs and 22 inches (measuring my bust, chest, waist, hips). Incredible! I’m also a Type 2 diabetic who was barely managing my sugars on oral meds and I was looking at not great outcomes down the road that I was on. Within a WEEK of using [this HHCG product] I was off ALL my meds and haven’t looked back since! My sugars are perfect, my belly fat is melting away (YAY), and I’m wearing clothes I haven’t worn in years. There really is NOTHING to lose with this program. It’s affordable, effective, fast, and painless. What more could you ask for?
B.K., Female, Ottawa, KS
30 lbs (13.6 kg) in 36 days

I am currently in phase 2 day 38 and have lost 43.5 lbs and 4 inches off my waist. It is incredible how great I feel. The usual aches and pains I had getting up or climbing stairs or the shortness of breath upon activity had subsided so much that it is almost non-existent. I have followed the protocol to the letter and only had one cheat, that being a slice of pizza a few weeks back. Looking forward to resetting…to the new weight through phase 3. I am still amazed at how well this works; it is truly amazing. I can’t tell you how many patients have commented on the change in me…Thank you for this amazing system.
P.C., Male, Spotsylvania, VA
43.5 lbs (19.7 kg) in 38 days