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HCG Studies and Clinical Information

i Belluscio/Ripamonte/Wolansky: Double-Blind Study available via sidebar Craig/Ray/Waxlerm/Madigan: Failed study using food not on the Simeons protocol and 550 calories.
ii Simeons: rebuttal of the Craig study. Frank: 1964 study that concluded HCG had no impact on weight loss, however, used 200 IU of hCG and 1030 calories (not per Simeons’ protocol).
iii Gusman: clinical study using hCG showing positive results, plus explanations refuting six other studies that showed negative hCG results. Albrink: A review of Gusman’s study, refuting points therein.
iv Hutton: Letter to editor refuting Albrink article. Hirsch/Van Itallie: Letter refuting Asher/Harper
v Asher/Harper clinical study with positive results.
vi Asher/Harper: Response to Hirsch/Van Itallie
vii Sohar: A hCG study with positive results, although it didn’t follow Simeons’ exact methods.
viii Successful hCG weight loss cases, showing before and after photographs.
ix Vogt/Belluscio: Clinical study with photographs of positive results of hCG weight loss vs. liposuction.
x Belluscio: presentation of clinical results using hCG in conjunction with diet for weight loss.