To Count or Not to Count?

The Daily Intake of Calories Estimate (DICE).

Dr. Simeons never recommended counting calories as a method to maintain the weight loss achieved in P2.

I personally don’t count calories and have maintained my initial weight loss of 70 lbs. The maintenance method and rationale I use is available via Gary Taube’s book, Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It.

But, FOR REFERENCE ONLY, I’ve put together this page for those who wish to count calories in an effort to maintain their weight, based upon a generally-accepted formula. (This assumes you believe that weight is controlled largely by the Calories in/Calories out model, which I don’t.) Use the calculator to approximate the range of calories recommended for your age, weight and height based on your unique personal data.

Calorie Intake Calculator


  • Exercise level: offsets your BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate — the amount of calories you burn at rest) based upon how active you are.
  • Maintenance: This is approximately how many calories is suggested to maintain one’s weight. However, not all calories are equal. Food choices can dramatically skew this.
  • Fat Loss Range: After you click Calculate, you’ll see a Fat Loss Range value. This gives you a rough idea of what the nutrition industry cabal regards as an acceptable amount of daily calories for weight reduction (1-2 lbs [.45-.9 kg]/week). This information is intended to be used separately from any HCG protocol.

Information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Use the results obtained herein as a starting point. You’ll likely have to adjust either up or down a few hundred or so calories, based upon your metabolism and other factors beyond your (or my) control.

The information contained herein is my opinion and not to be considered or construed as medical advice. Specific medical advice should be obtained from a licensed health care practitioner, which I’m certainly not. I’m just a guy. Consult with your doctor before you begin any fitness, exercise, nutrition, diet, weight loss, heart attack or stroke risk reduction program or other change in lifestyle. This information is in no way meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness from happening.