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Weight Gain After The Diet

If I only had a nickle for every time I’ve come across this question!: “I’ve been maintaining okay for X weeks/months, but I just weighed myself and I’ve gained 3 lbs! I haven’t done anything different! I’m scared I’m going … Continue reading

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The Warrior and The Dragon

I’d like to tell you a story. You’ve probably heard another version of this, but it isn’t this story. It’s about a brave warrior and a dragon. They started out as friends long ago. But, things changed; slowly, at first. … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Blog!

Hi, Everyone! Thanks for visiting The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook blog. I’ll share stories, tips, and other useful information with you via these posts. I’ll endeavor to keep current with blog responses, but I know that my other commitments may … Continue reading

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