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Daniel Millen is a Happy Apple Guy

Daniel Millen is a Happy Apple (Customer)

This may not belong in this section of my blog, and perhaps I’ll move and edit it soon, but I wanted to give a HUGE shoutout to Apple.

It feels good being an “Apple (Inc.) Guy.” For the record, I used to be an anti-Apple guy a couple decades ago. What can I say in my defense? Nothing.

For the last two months I’d been struggling with a (very technical) issue between the Mac video editing workstation I use and a Sans Digital (6TB!) external storage drive (called a RAID). I contacted both Apple and Sans Digital regarding the problem.

THIS WAS MY FAULT: I changed some settings on my main system — this caused it to suddenly stop communicating with the RAID.

I RESPECTFULLY CONTACTED BOTH APPLE AND SANS DIGITAL: I don’t normally “go off” on companies, demanding customer service. “Honey vs. Vinegar,” right? I was honest and explained to both Apple and Sans Digital what happened. Both responded cordially. But Apple went FAR beyond what I expected.

Apple understands that to be the best you have to, well, BE the best.
Performance, not Promises, make the difference.

Sans Digital took the time to do a live disk check of the RAID drive, and said their unit checked out OK. The problem, they said, was in the Mac. All well and good, except, as I pointed out to them, their RAID is Mac-compliant. Wasn’t ANYONE at Sans Digital eager to solve this (simple, as it turned out) challenge? No. Not really. I’m a nobody, really. To them, I’m just a guy with a 2-year old piece of gear they used to make and sell. To their credit, Sans Digital agreed to work with Apple over the phone to solve this. So really, I can’t fault them too much.

But Apple…now here’s a company that understands customer service.

I AM A ‘SOMEBODY’ TO APPLE: I knew I only needed The Gal/Guy With The Dragon Tattoo to do something to fix this — move a zero or one around — and take care of it. But the closest to this I could find was the Apple Genius Bar. So I visited the Genius Bar at my local Apple Store (at the Somerset Mall in Troy, MI) — numerous times. I think the Geniuses were very close to having a dedicated stool for me and the hefty system — about as easy to move as carrying 6 feral cats under your arms — as I would dolly it in every two weeks. Nonetheless, a few of the Geniuses who helped: Jimi, Doug, and (my new hero!) Chris, would patiently try to resolve the problem. But nothing worked.

Frankly, I’d sort of given up. Sans Digital proved to be of limited help. And, try as they might up to that point, Apple failed to identify/fix the problem.

Then, I received an email from the Apple Business Team, asking if my problem was solved and, if not, would I be open to a phone call followup? I took them up on this and Sal, my contact, urged me to give the Geniuses another chance. So I did so — that very day.

After another thorough diagnostic session at the Genius Bar, Chris (did I mention he’s my new hero?) was stumped. So, instead of shrugging his shoulders, and sending me on my way, he went beyond the call of duty. Apple Geniuses, after all, are people with schedules, other customers, etc. They really don’t have time to delve into the uber-workings of the computer systems, do they? But Chris treated this as HIS problem, too. He took a few minutes to do a bit of digging and research and, when he returned, suggested something a bit “severe” but with high likelihood of success — or a chance of complete and (probably) irreversible failure. After some deliberation, I decided to go with his (potential) solution: A master reset of all system permissions via the [CUE: Scary, shrill music burst]

Mac "terminal" mode.

It worked. [CUE: “Raiders of The Lost Arc” Theme]

I hooted for joy and (literally) double-high-fived Chris, causing nearly everyone in the store to turn around! and everything on the system checked out okay. I tried to take a video of the victorious moment, but I accidentally erased it. (My bad again!).

APPLE GETS IT: Apple understands that to be the best you have to, well, BE the best. They get it.  They’ll get more of my money BECAUSE they value — through actions, not advertisements — my business.

I know I’m just a guy. But to Apple, I’m an Apple guy.

That’s a pretty swell thing to be.

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Daniel Millen is a freelance writer, multimedia designer, and senior moderator for a 27,000-member weight loss support website. His passion for helping others shed weight is balanced by his zeal for kung fu, tennis, and playing the piano. He and his wife, Susan Coon, a Speech-Language Pathologist, have three sons and live in Southfield, Michigan.
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