About Daniel

A bit of background information about me and my journey to a trimmer life.

Picture of Daniel Millen, Author of "The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook"

Daniel Millen | Author, "The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook"

I’m Daniel Millen, author of The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook. Before I tell you more about who I am, let me tell you who I’m not:

I’m not a gym rat, tower of willpower, or weight loss wonder.

I’m just a guy who had tried practically EVERYthing to lose weight and failed time and time again.

That is, until I found a little “miracle” called HCG. Then everything shifted.

HCG is the weight loss game changer.

I wrote The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook to explain how I — and thousands of others — used the HCG Protocol to lose tons (literally) of fat.

This is me today, a trim 200 lbs. But it’s been a bit of a journey to get here.

Daniel Millen at 12 years of age

Daniel: 12 years old

Childhood Weight Challenges:
I started out in life just like most other kids: active and trim. Around age 10, however, I started gaining weight.

By age 12 I was a puffy kid and subjected to the teasing of other kids, which continued through my sophomore year in high school.

I lost weight slowly via Weight Watchers™ during my junior year of high school and kept it off through college. But by the time I was 26 and met my first wife I had reached 200 lbs….and I continued to gain weight for years, yo-yo-ing between 240 to 280.

I fathered two wonderful boys who had never known nor seen their daddy at normal body weight.

Picture of Daniel Millen at 270 lbs.

Daniel: c2003 | 270-280 lbs.

Fast-forward to 2009:
Now on my second marriage, I met two of my wife’s business colleagues, both whom had been overweight for years. I had the opportunity to work with them shooting and editing video for their company.

After not having seen them for over a month, I saw them again in person. That’s when everything changed.

They were T R A N S F O R M E D.

Both of them had shed over 30 lbs (13.6 kg) each and looked FANTASTIC!

Having struggled all of my life with my weight, I of course asked them how they did it, fully expecting some idiotic fad diet. I mean, we’ve all heard it:“You just CAN’T lose that much weight that fast! It’s impossible!” or “IT ISN’T HEALTHY!

I’m telling you now: That’s bunk!

Not only is it possible, I’ve never felt (or, if I can be so bold, looked) better. And I felt great, even during the weight loss phase of the HCG Protocol. I’m here to tell you, if I can do this, anyone can!

I listened carefully to my wife’s colleagues’ stories and decided to do my own research. I wanted what they had. For over three decades my weight (and self-image) has haunted me. I hated seeing my reflection in store windows or catching a glimpse of myself in a full-length mirror. “Ugh! Hateful, hideous, fatso!” The way I’d scourge myself was unforgiving and relentless. It’s as if I knew that the reflection I saw through those chubby eye-holes was a terrible aberration. A clown. A mockery of who was on the inside, just longing to get out.

Picture of Daniel Millen, author, and Susan Coon, editor of "The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook" showing before and after weights

Daniel Millen and wife, Susan Coon, before and after the HCG Diet

My research led me to a homeotherapeutic HCG (HHCG) product that eventually helped me lose 70 lbs in roughly 80 days (I interrupted the diet for about 10 days). Most folks lose weight at the rate of roughly 1 lb (.45 kg) per day for men, and .6 lb (.3 kg) per day for women. If you do your own research you’ll understand that this is neither hyperbole nor a fad. HCG works wonders.

An Experience Always Trumps A Theory:
I’ve found that, when done properly, the HCG Protocol delivers as promised. I began researching hCG and HCG methods and contributing to the product’s support website; eventually, I was hired to use my expertise and success with the diet to help others. At some point, the notion to write a book germinated and grew. I thought, “How can I share this amazing discovery with others?”

The answer is The Definitive HCG Diet Guidebook.